Who our Customers are

MESSC is proud to have been serving the Iraqi banking sector since 2007. MESSC’s customer base is always expanding as Iraqi banks; both public and private, discover the quality and service MESSC provides to its clients. This is a list of our current customers:

  1. Iraqi Middle Eeast Investment Bank

  2. IMEB logo

    IMEIB has been established in 1993 after getting a certificate of establishment from Ministry of Trade/ Companies Registration Office and money exchange license from CBI. IMEIB commenced its banking activities in 8th/5/1994 with a capital of IQD 400 million. Recently the recorded and paid up capital is 250 IQD billions folded-up by 625 times, these increases are achieved through the annual capitalizations and the other part is paid by shareholders since the bank`s establishment. The bank has gotten the First-Grade (1C) among the Iraqi Private Banks according to the International CAMEL System for four years (2007-2008-2009-2010) successively.

  3. North Bank for Finance and Invesment

  4. North Bank logo

    North bank plays an active role in the Iraqi banking field for what now enjoys an influential position. The bank acquired it’s establishment license issued by the department of Companies Registrar under its letter numbered (meem.sheem) / 9713 on 7/10/2003 granted the license of banking practice from the Central Bank of Iraq under the letter No. 9 3 341 on 9 3 2004 beginning its operations to provide banking services to customers on 1/4/2004 with a capital of (2.5) two and half billion Iraqi dinars. The north bank for finance and investment enabled, since its inception in 2004, to achieve important accomplishments in various fields, most notably was to strengthen its financial position and to increase its interests in addition to widening its geographical spread with the diversity of its activity lines, which was included providing more banking services to its customers.

  5. Babylon Bank

  6. Babylon Bank logo

    The Bank of Babylon is one of the Iraqi private banks, which was established in 1999 with a capital of 500 million five hundred million Iraqi dinars and a steady pace forward was the capital increase of up to 250,000,000,000 two hundred and fifty billion Iraqi dinars after the approval of the General Assembly in the fifteenth of the month February of 2014, which was preceded by increased capital 150,000,000,000 as much as one hundred and fifty billion Iraqi dinars in the seventh and the twentieth of the month of February to February 2013.

  7. Sumer Commercial Bank

  8. Sumer Bank logo

    Sumer Commercial Bank (PSC) is a private Shareholding Company business established on 26th of May 1999, with a capital of ID. 400 million, fully paid as per Central Bank of Iraqlicense No. S.A/10/9/1124 dated 4th of Nov.1999, to practice all types of banking activities. The Bank increased its capital successively to reach ID. (250,000,000,000) Two Hundred Fifty Billion, the Bank has (7) Branches in Baghdad. And other three Branches in Erbil, Basra and Najaf.

  9. Trans Iraq Bank for Invesment

  10. TransIraq logo

    Trans Iraq bank for investment established on 19/01/2006 with a capital of 56,000,000,000.00 (Sixty five billion and five hundred million Iraqi Dinar, Central Bank of Iraq approve our banking business according to banks law number 94 for year 2004 since we start our banking business in 05/12/2006 and the bank capital in current year is 264,000,000,000.00 (two hundred sixty four billion Dinar).

  11. Al-Ansari Islamic Bank

  12. Ansari logo

    Al Ansari Investment & Finance Bank invests the accumulated funds in many types of investments, whether direct or financial.

  13. Al Qabedh Islamic Finance and Investment Bank

  14. Qabedh logo

    Al-Qabedh Islamic Bank as one of the modern Islamic banks started his activities in Iraq in (5/3/2017) With wide Experience in banking field and trading activities . The main branch and general management of the bank has been opened in Baghdad with a capital of (250 billion) IQD divided into (250 billion) shares Where the value of one share equals to one IQD ,and this capital equaling to (208 million) USD . Al-Qabedh Islamic Bank as one of the modern Islamic banks started his activities in Iraq in (5/3/2017) With wide Experience in banking field and trading activities . The main branch and general management of the bank has been opened in Baghdad with a capital of (250 billion) IQD divided into (250 billion) shares Where the value of one share equals to one IQD ,and this capital equaling to (208 million) USD . Since the bank is based mainly on the principles of Islamic banking, It plays a key role to Bridging the gap between modern banking requirements and core values of Islamic law, forming an industrial and developmental standards emulated by.

  15. Al-Nahrain Islamic Bank

  16. Nahrain logo

    The Alnahrain Islamic Bank was established under Law No. 95 of 2012 and published in the Journal of the Iraqi Waqa'e issue No. 4260 in 17.12.2012 and it is the first Islamist government bank.

  17. Warka Bank for Invesment and Finance

  18. Warka Bank

    Warka Bank for Investment and Finance is one of the largest financial institutions in Iraq, with a network of 130 branches and 350 ATMs located all over iraq, with strong and growing banking services. The bank was established in 1999 and now it is considered by the central bank of iraq and the other financial organizations as one of the first private banks in Iraq. Warka Bank for Investment and Finance is mobilizing its substantial capital to take a cutting edge role in Iraqi finance.

  19. Union Bank of Iraq

  20. 150px Union Bank of Iraq

    Union Bank of Iraq is a private joint stock company. Its headquarter is in Iraq / Baghdad, then expanded to open a branch in Erbil in 2008 to offer its finest banking And financial service to individuals, companies, and corporations including consulting, wealth management, loans, special customer services. Corporations banking service include local and foreign services, and structured and commercial finance. The special banking services presented in Union Bank of Iraq are investment services, external services, international services through its relationships with international banks, and also include broker services like security And stock trading.

  21. Al Bilad Islamic Bank

  22. Al Bilad Islamic Bank for Investment and Finance was established in 2006. The Bank obtained the license to provide Islamic banking and investment services by the Central Bank of Iraq. The Bank focuses on providing superior banking and financial solutions. The Islamic Bank is located in Baghdad and has offices in most of Iraq's Governorates and a branch in Lebanon. The Bank specializes in project finance for SMEs, leasing financing, property purchase financing and other investment solutions development. Retail Banking focuses on providing a wide range of accounts, issuing debit cards and credit cards.

  23. Zain Iraq Islamic Bank

  24. Zain logo

    Zain Iraq Islamic Bank (Zain Bank) is a newly established Islamic bank with headquarters in Baghdad, Iraq. The Bank was founded by visionary Iraqi investors, who are committed to bringing retail banking services to the masses. Zain Bank received its Islamic banking license from the Central Bank of Iraq on August 11, 2016 and officially opened its doors on December 4, 2016. It was formed with a paid-up capital of 250 Billion Iraqi Dinars divided into 250 Billion shares, the value of each share being one dinar. The shares are quoted on the Iraqi Stock Exchange. The Bank has five branches, two of which are currently operational and the other three are under construction.

  25. Erbil Bank – For Investment & Finance

  26. Erbil logo

    The Bank worked during it's period of practicing banking business to achieve its main objectives in providing the best and the highest banking services to its customers and provide facilities and credit and monetary commitment to contribute to the development of Iraq's economy and the Kurdistan Region through active participation in all sectors of the economy, including the industrial sector, agricultural and commercial housing and reconstruction and health ... etc.

  27. Cihan Bank

  28. Cihan logo

    Cihan Bank was established in February 2008 in accordance to the Iraqi Companies Law No 21-1997 and its amendments of 2004. The bank was opened on 01.04.2009 in its headquarter based in Erbil. Cihan Bank is a fully Islamic bank which provides a wide range of Islamic banking products and services. We seek to present the best, accurate, and uniquely developed banking services compliant with the principles of Islamic Law to our customers from government enterprises companies to individuals in the new Iraq including Kurdistan regional governorates.

  29. Al Qurtas Islamic Bank

  30. Qurtas logo

    The bank started its work with a capital of (100) billion, and the capital was increased from (100) billion to (250) billion dinars.   The Bank has one branch in Baghdad (the main branch) and the intention to open branches in the implementation phase in (Erbil / Sulaymaniyah / Zakho / Najaf / Basra).   The Bank aims to provide financial and banking services in accordance with the provisions of Islamic Law to contribute to the development of the national economy as much as possible.

  31. Iraq Noor Islamic Bank

  32. Noor logo

    A Pioneer trustable banking company offers creative financial solutions to improve people life everywhere. The bank aims to be the most successful bank locally and globally through a complete package of services, modern technologies, competent staff and products compliant with Islamic legitimate.

  33. Taawen Islamic bank

  34. Cooperation logo

    The bank established in 2006 as an Iraqi private shareholding company according to the companies law no 21 for 1997,according to the certificate of incorporation issued by the registrar of companies no. R.C./2490 in 8/4/2007 and the approval of central bank of Iraq to practice the banking business in its letter no 9/3/2007 in 4/3/2007. The bank started its business in 8/4/2007. The bank aims his work that does not conflict with Islamic law and make A profit for shareholders and to participate with the risk of the bank in supporting the Economic of our country.