MESSC offers a suite of products focusing on and meeting the needs of the Iraqi banking sector. Those products are of two categories; the first are specialized banking applications including core banking, compliance, Islamic banking, private banking and digital banking including card management and ATM driving. The second category covers administrative applications such as HR and document management. Here are a list of products currently available for the Iraqi market:

core bankig
is a Universal banking solution designed to streamline core banking processes and provide all areas of bank staff with the intuitive tools they need to serve your customers. From account opening to customer data management, transaction management, loans and withdrawals to general ledger and accounting tasks, CapitalBanker makes it possible for you to seamlessly deliver the highest level of service across all banking channels to every customer.
- Islamic Principles at the Core of the Solution.
Capital Banking Solutions offers Islamic Financial Institutions a full-fledged resolution aligned with the Islamic Shari’ah and Accounting Standards.
islamic banking
Islamic CapitalBanker™Islamic CapitalBanker revolves around dynamic functionalities and rich compliant flows embedded with prominent business rules that support the banks to fully adhere to their product’ and services’ offerings, including but not limited to:
- Murabahah
- Mudarabah
- Wakalah
- Musharakah
- Ijarah and Ijarah Muntahia Bittamleek
- Tawarrouq
- Quard Hassan - Documentary Credit
- Guarantees
- Investment Sukuk
- Wadi’ah
- Zakah Payments
- No interest (riba)-based transactions
Moreover, due to the aggregating Islamic demands, Islamic CapitalBanker embraces effective solutions that cater for the numerous internal and external needs of the banks, including but not limited to: Islamic Accounting and Financial Reporting, Customer Relationship Management and Business Intelligence.
Additionally, with CapitalBanker at the heart of your business, you can confidently comply with complex regulations, and spend more time focusing on delivering new products and services that serve your customers’ needs.
Explore CapitalBanker and learn how we can help you deliver a customer experience that enables you to win in your markets.
Risk mangment, AML, Blacklist, FATCA and CRS platform. CapitalComliance solution equips you to manage market and operational risks as well as addresses regulatory reporting. Compliance officers have, at their fingertips, relevant and easily configurable monitoring tools and personalized dashboards. Designed with an open and scalable architecture, the multilingual solution allows for rapid deployment.
CapitalLending™ solution is a complete retail and commercial loan origination solution designed to assist banks and lending institutions to automate their loan process from origination to fulfillment and eliminating risk exposure.
CapitalPrivate™ is our private banking and wealth management solution that enables you to deliver a high-value experience to your clients. Our solution supports the complex day-to-day, front-to-back office operations a private banker requires to efficiently manage customers.
Our CapitalDigital™ solution puts the banking power in your customers’ hands so they can transact with you in an omnichannel world. Our solution also delivers simplification to your customers’ banking with our innovative and intuitive interface design and features.
GRG Products
- ATMs & Recyclers.
- Branch Transformation.
- Self-Service Solutions.
- Branch Cash Recycler.
- Other Innovative Solutions.
- Retail Solutions.
- Intelligent Deposit Machines.
- Retail Dispensers and Recyclers.
- Cash Sorting Machines.
- Compact Sorting Machine.
- Medium-sized Sorting Machine.
- Large-scale Sorting Machine.
- Software.